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It's A Boy
by Steve Lukather

A hidden portrait, It's A Boy, combines the image of the Artist in silhouette with a fiery lead performance midway up the guitar neck. Bold and powerful, the piece utilizes an array of colors: magenta, sky blue, sea foam, and gold yellow. The motion of Lukather's wrist is faintly seen in the bottom center of the canvas, as it burns into the image. The result is a visual that to some resembles that of a mushroom cloud.

Measuring 40"x 30" on canvas, there are a total of 50 available It's A Boy canvases in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Steve Lukather and SceneFour. Each ships with Certificate of Authenticity by SceneFour.

It's A Boy by Steve Lukather • Measures 40" x 30" on canvas
• Only 50 pieces exist
• All numbered and signed by Steve Lukather
• Ships with Certificate of Authenticity
• Hidden Portrait

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